Awesome Neighbor Cities In Jacksonville

Southeast Jacksonville, near Baymeadows, puts you near the avenues of Americas Shopping Mall. Going Southwest, you have Orange Park Mall and numerous parks and attractions. Greater Arlington offers housing that is 35 percent cheaper than the national average and near to all beaches.

Southeast Jacksonville

Southeast Jacksonville is the perfect location to live for anyone who is trying to stay in the central and within reach of the beautiful beaches of Jacksonville. You will just be near to Jacksonville University while living in this neighborhood. This area also puts you within a short drive from Atlantic, Neptune and Jacksonville beaches as well. You can travel through Mathews Bridge and reach the downtown area within two minutes. Spring Glen and Spring Park neighborhoods are also a short distance away.

Greater Arlington

Greater Arlington is 10 minutes away from downtown Jacksonville. It is on the east side and sits just past the vicinity of Jacksonville University. Here you are closer to CRG airport. This means you will encounter some additional noise, but the lower rental prices make up for it. The greatest gratification of life here, however, is that you will be within walking distance of Atlantic, Neptune and the beaches of Jacksonville. You are also going to be real close to the Adventure Landing Family Fun Entertainment Centers & Water Parks which is a fun park that children love.

Southwest Jacksonville

The Southwest Jacksonville is great for families looking to affordable rent. There are many houses in this neighborhood, and you are still pretty close to the downtown area of Jacksonville where you can get different kinds of SEO Services and a short drive from many beaches. The southwest side of Jacksonville is home to an Equestrian Center and Wildlife of Branan Field and an environmental Area. There are many small trails, parks, and playgrounds that will keep the children occupied. You are also very close to the Naval Air Station and Naval Complex.

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The Northside of Jacksonville is a region that is full of suburban neighborhoods. It is also home to Jacksonville International Airport. The nearer you live to the airport the further noise you will hear. However, this part of Jacksonville covers many miles. You can find affordable apartments and houses in many areas. Transportation is very reliable here. However, the Northside is still the best for drivers as it puts you 5-10 minutes from the base of the downtown area.


Baymeadows is in the vicinity of Jacksonville about 13 miles out of town. The area has many small coasts with larger apartment buildings and is full of affordable rental options, which work well for retirees and students. You are a 20-minute drive away from downtown Jacksonville, and housing is much cheaper at 28 percent below the national average. It is a convincing place to consider moving for another reason as well: the average salary is higher than the state average.

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