Chiropractor For Pinched Nerve Orange Park, Florida

Pain, soreness, numbness, a burning sensation and a tingling feeling in the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, or feet are signs of a pinched nerve. If resting alone doesn’t help relieve the symptoms of a pinched nerve, you can consider a chiropractor in Orange Park. For instance, a pinched nerve in the neck might cause pain in the neck alone or the patient might also experience numbness in the hand on the same side as the neck pain. This is mainly caused by improper twisting and posture of one’s vertebral column as a result of sudden turns.

Chiropractor in Orange Park Can Help with a Pinched Nerve

Orange Park Chiropractor For Pinched NerveChiropractor can help to gently free trapped nerves, which can help diminish pain and restore function. This nerve pressure may come from either the repetition of a certain body motion or holding the body’s position for a long period of time. A pinched nerve occurs when the nerve gets constricted, compressed or stretched due to several different things. As a treatment for back pain, it can be as effective as other treatments and has the advantage of being drug-free. If a disc injury or something more serious is involved, more aggressive treatment may be needed to address your pain and the cause of your symptoms. If your headaches are the result of a pinched nerve, a pinched nerve chiropractor in Orange Park, Florida may be just what you need to get some relief. Any amount of spine misalignment interrupts the ability of nerve impulses to communicate with the body’s organs, tissues and cells.

Once the chiropractor has discovered the underlying cause of your discomfort, they will explain the recommended treatment for your pinched nerve. Another common example is sciatica, which in some cases can be attributed to a pinched nerve in the lower back. This may result in severe back and neck pain, as well as the nerves, being incapable of conveying messages to the vital body organs from the brain.

Treatment For Pinched Nerve Depends On Your Choice Of Healthcare in Orange Park

Since the vast majority of the body’s main nerves travel through the spine, an impinged nerve in the spine can cause pain or tingling in a different location in the body. When these nerves are compressed or pressured by the surrounding tissues, the body sends a sharp shooting ‘pinching’ feeling as a warning. Often a bad fall, lifting heavy objects or keeping your body in the same position for a long period of time such sleeping a certain way or sitting in the same position too long.

Pinched nerves may be associated with a joint that is out of alignment and chiropractic adjustments in Clay County can be a minimally intrusive form of treatment. If the “pinched” nerve is caused by a muscle spasm, then physical therapy and massage may address the problem. Chiropractor For Pinched Nerve offers treatment for headaches resulting from pinched nerves, among other things.

Do pinched nerves go away on their own?

It occurs when the nerve gets stretched, compressed, or constricted due to a fall, back injury, bone spurs, or other trauma to the spine. If you are suffering of a pinched nerve, you may find relief from a chiropractor specializing in Pinched Nerve therapy in Florida. A pinched nerve is a general term that refers to pain or a change in sensation (numbness, tingling, heat or cold sensation) somewhere along the course of the irritated nerve or where the irritated nerve begins or ends. Pinched nerve signs include pain, numbness of feet and hands, soreness, a tingling feeling and a burning sensation in the neck, back, arms, shoulders, hands, feet or legs. In the spine, impinged nerves generally result from subluxations, or a misalignment of the vertebrae.

If a nerve gets “pinched”, the entire flow of the nerve stops and eventually may cause that nerve fiber to die. While a pinched nerve can occur anywhere in the body, the most common areas are in the neck or lower back.

Can a Chiropractor in  Orange Park, Florida Offer Treatment for a Pinched Nerve in Your Back?

Chiropractic treatment in Clay County 32073 is manipulation of the spine beyond the range it normally goes, but within the range, it is designed to move. In some cases, additional testing such as nerve conduction velocity studies may be indicated to detect signs of nerve injury. Any nerve in the body can become pinched, but the neck and back are most common. On your first visit to your chiropractor, they will conduct a complete consultation that will include discussing your medical history and performing a full physical examination. In both cases, a nerve was aggravated or ‘pinched’ and a sensation of the event that caused the aggravation was felt. A chiropractor assists pinched nerves by decreasing nerve constriction and relaxing muscles that are tight in the affected part thereby causing inflammation and pain.