Local or National SEO? Which strategy is the Best for your Business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has two primary types: Local and National SEO. Both kinds are unique and essential, that is why it is necessary to learn the difference between the two. As its name suggests, local SEO is about telling the online community that a business is located and focused on serving a specific area or neighborhood. National SEO, on the other hand, refers to businesses that are not bounded by a specific geographic area but rather can serve national or even global consumers.

Are your SEO strategy efficient in reaching the correct audience?

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Local SEO

Google shows different search results depending on which area you are located. They do this by looking at your IP address. If you live in Kansas and you searched for the term “hotels,” you will see different results than a person who lives in New York. Search results are not the only one affected by geographical location; Google Ads are changed as well since these advertisements are created to target specific geographic area.

Network Connection

Local SEO strategy is the first choice if your business has a physical store, and you want to cater people within a distinct geographical location. Naturally, if you own a Sushi restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida, you want your website to appear on the first results page when people search for “Sushi restaurants in Jacksonville” or other related keywords.

A local SEO in Jacksonville FL is the best way to target that specific audience. An excellent local SEO strategy will establish your business as part of the locality, making it more appealing to the customers. Another good point of Local SEO is, it is more affordable compared to a National SEO campaign.

National SEO

If it is a business that operates nationally or internationally, the location is not a huge concern. If you own a business that purely runs online or a freelancer who accepts outsourced jobs, mainly if a geographic area does not limit you, then go for National SEO services.

National SEO strategies are more complicated and demanding to enact. It is harder to be on the top of search results for “laptop reseller” than “laptop reseller in JAX” because you do not just compete with the local area, but rather against all similar companies around the globe.

Due to its complexity, it is recommended to hire an SEO expert to handle your National SEO strategy. An SEO professional can help you decide on which type of campaign you will utilize – Local or National SEO. And simultaneously, assist you in creating a customized solution based on your needs.

Similarities in Basic Principles and Strategies

Local and National SEO have the same objective – that is to be on top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) to SERPs Wordgrow blog traffic and revenue.

Link Building is a shared strategy of local and National SEO. This is how it works. Generally, a website will create a resource page where they list down other relevant resources; this is an excellent way to obtain backlinks. Guest posting is another way of building backlinks. Guests or site visitors will post comments that contain useful keywords.

The basic strategy might be the same for both types of SEO, but once again, National SEO requires more complicated approach.

Is SEO an asset for my business?

According to imFORZA.com, 93% of online experiences begin in a search engine, and 75% of users never scroll down lower than the first page of search results. If you have an excellent SEO, your business will expand its target reach. You will be able to sell your products to customers even though they are miles away from you. SEO is without a doubt, a door for you to grow your business.

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